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Current Chavurah Schedule Variations

This lists temporary variations due to travel, Holy Days, etc.
Unless listed here, and barring last minute problems,
Chavurah is
usually each Tuesday night at 7pm Central


Friends, we are so sorry not to be on this week.

Joe will return next week.

Joe and Debbie got stuck on the road, and the web site locked us out.

No worries about info. No security issues.


Warfare 2015 Tour Announced
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The Great Deception parts 6 and 7 Released
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New DVD set: Kedushah

One of the most common words we hear is “holy.” Learn more about the rich meaning of this word.



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NEW DVDs Now Available!

When the Heavens Rejoiced: A Sukkot Story

Everyone knows the story of the birth of Yeshua—or do they?

New DVD Set on the False Messiah

The Great Deception
A Study of the False Messiah from the Jewish Texts

Part 8 now shipping!

One of the most controversial topics within the faith today is the subject of the Gathering of the Living Righteous.
In Christianity this is known as the Rapture. Ancient Judaism called it the Gathering.
There is so much confusion and division over this future event because long ago the ancient Jewish understandings were discarded.


This two DVD set is a study of the expressions, terminology, and phrases that laced the language of the scriptures describing eschatological events.

Current Events and Israel Update Specials


Interviews Recorded November 28th
With Yonathan Boofty of Arutz Sheva
Gilla Treibich about A Special David Fund Project

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All Six Enoch DVDs


All 4 Volumes of America in Prophecy DVDs

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Measure the PatternMeasure the Pattern

The most recent report on the location of the buildings and structures of the Inner Courtyards of the Holy Temple, still in progress, is nearing completion. This massive undertaking will be presented first to the rabbis in Jerusalem before its publication to a broader audience. Your generous support will help to gather necessary funds for the trip to Israel and living expenses for the report’s initial presentation. In addition, your support will guarantee that a copy will be sent to you as soon as possible after the rabbis have seen the work.

Joseph Good appeared on two episodes of the new season of
The Naked Archaeologist on History International.
Watch your local listings for re-runs if you missed it!

Episodes: “Ancient Glass” and “Rebuilding the Temple”

Please Contact A&E / History Channel About The Airing and Scheduling of Naked Archaeologist!

More Info

As many of you know, Joe Good appeared on 2 shows of season 3 of The Naked Archaeologist.

The first show was on Ancient Glass, and Joe appears as one of the contributors.

The second show centers around Joe and Nolan’s Temple research.

We know many of you have not been able to see it for two main reasons.
They aired on History International, which is often included in a cable tier many people don’t have.
When they did air, they were shown during the day, and not in prime time.
People didn’t even look at the daytime schedule, and if they did don’t have DVRs, etc.

Since this series is currently only showing on History International during the day, and a lot of people simply don’t get to view it either because of the time slot, or they don’t get History International, we are asking that you to contact History Channel / International (and A&E who owns them) and ask them to do which ever of three things applies to you.

  1. To put season 3 back into rotation (as far as we know, these episodes were only shown once within a span of about two weeks)*
  2. To air them in prime time so that more people can view them
  3. Consider putting them on The History Channel, where a wider audience can view them

*since this initial request went out about a month ago and several people did indicate they contacted them, we have had reports that season 3 was or is back in rotation. Thank You! But keep it up!

This grass roots effort will not only make a very interesting and fun family show generally available, but also help get Joe and Nolan’s research the exposure it deserves.

There are many ways to do this, here are two:

There are discussion forums for the History International:

Contact A&E directly. A written letter, etc. would be best, but an email would be great.

Thank you and PLEASE consider helping contact History International/ History Channel / A&E

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